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Purbeck Valley Folk Festival

Purbeck Festival is a small but popular folk festival which takes place on the Jurassic Coastline. It is set on a farm, and the folk festival is loved and enjoyed by everyone as there is a lot to do for all age groups. The event is run by a man named Paul Burke and his daughter Catherine. The festival usually happens for about 3 to 4 days in August.

There are loads of kids, parents and even old folks. The Purbeck Valley Folk Festival features young folk and music. It is a place which encourages young children to become musicians. The festival has both national and international music, but a lot of local folk music is played in the festival. There is something for everyone at the Purbeck Valley Folk Festival.

Purbeck Valley Folk Festival

Events conducted:

The festival mostly features folk music, and usually, you will have music performances for about three days. But the event has more to it than just music. As people of all age groups come to this event, the festival has music workshops, training sessions, poetry competitions, craft making, puppet shows, circus skills, games, theatre skills, storytelling and much more for the kids. The kids are also encouraged to learn music, and new talents are motivated by bringing them on stage.

For young adults, music workshops are conducted. You will also be able to find many sessions on crochet, origami, jewellery, tutu and pottery making. The event is so engaging, and you can go as a family to the festival to have a great time.

Farm Arena:

The Purbeck Valley Folk Festival takes place on a farm, and this setting makes it extra special as you get a new and pleasant atmosphere to learn many new things. The simple and compact area has many stages in the barns. The place is quite small, so you do not have to spend a lot of time to move from one event to the other event, and it is also easy to spot your family and friends even if you get lost in the crowd. The campsite is a brilliant place with a spectacular view of many beautiful landscapes. You will be able to see Corfe Castle from the campsite.


For the year 2018, the confirmed acts so far are Trad Attack, Reg Meuross, Richard Thompson Electric Trio Belinda O’Hooley and Heidi Tidow, Ninebarrow, and Threepenny Bit, The Flatville Aces. Many more acts are yet to be announced for this year. In the year 2017 3 Daft Monkeys, Lady Maisery, John Smith, Martha Tilston and much more had performed in the Purbeck Valley Folk Festival.


Tickets are about $130 for adults, and this includes the camping fees, without camping it costs about $117. For children, it is about $68 with camping and $55 without camping. However, campfires are not allowed at the campsite.

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